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2 years ago Dr. Violet Howard 8

How To Become An Entrepreneur Without Money?

This is 2021; gone are the days when only privileged people could start their businesses. The world has become a global village now; the business industry, especially the global e-commerce industry, is growing quickly. People are more convinced than ever to start their independent businesses.

At this point, if you don’t want to stick to your 9-5 job, starting a side business would be the best option for you. According to different statistics, it is observed that people who are not running their business are missing a lot these days. You might be worried because of not having enough budget, or you might not be confident of your skills, or maybe you are lagging because of no experience.

2 years ago Dr. Violet Howard 7

How To Overcome Your Fear Of Failure?

There isn't anyone who hasn't feared failing once in life. Fear follows us wherever we go and it is to follow us until we die. It is totally natural to be afraid that you will lose on something new you try. But overcoming this fear is the key to get o0ut of your shell and actually find do something worth doing in life. so how do you overcome your fear of failure?

2 years ago Dr. Violet Howard 6

5 Most Successful Entrepreneurs That Started with Nothing 

Even if you have no material in your hand, you can still be a successful entrepreneur if you have the will in your heart. Having an idea is the most valued possession that you can have, and soon with effort and hard work, you can turn it into a reality that all would see and admire.

2 years ago Dr. Violet Howard 5

Top 5 Ways To Market Your Business Top 5 Ways To Market Your Business 

According to many types of research, the third top marketing challenge that companies face is the lack of budgeting resources. Unless you are a startup having a venture or angel capital, you probably will have a limited marketing budget.