5 Most Successful Entrepreneurs That Started with Nothing 

The following is a list of successful billionaire entrepreneurs making their big win in the world even when they started with nothing. 

1. John Paul DeJoria

Entrepreneur John DeJoria is a wholly self-made person. He is mostly known for his Paul Mitchell line of hair care and essentials products. His early life wasn't like those of the riches. He started his career being a truck driver, janitor and sold Christmas cards from door to door.


He was first fired from his very first job in haircare while working in Redken Laboratories. Then during 1980, he formed his own company named Paul Mitchell System with Hairdresser Paul Mitchen having a loan of only $700. But now, he is worth $3.1 billion. He suggests overcoming the biggest hurdle that you would face in the way of success: rejection. 


2. Jan Koum

Can you imagine your life without WhatsApp now? Yes, we all can't. Thanks to Jan Koum, a Ukrainian emigree in the USA who invented the communication app back in 2009. After being born in poverty, he started learning about computers. At the age of 18, he had high-level skills, and in 1997 he started working for Yahoo!


Being an infrastructure engineer. He then launched WhatsApp to great acclaim once he bought his first smartphone and had an idea of the product that allows people to send messages ahead between mobile phones using the web. His top suggestion to all that follow his footprints is to do one thing and do it well. 


3. Howard Schultz

In the names of successful entrepreneurs, Howard's name shines bright. He found success, but life wasn't always this rosy for him. His family didn't have that much money, and he grew up in a housing estate. He then paid for college with government loans and then earned money from different part-time jobs. He joined college, and when he was working for a coffee company, he came into contact with Starbucks brands.


He visited its branch in Seattle. After he joined the company, he left it and thought of starting his own coffee place. He raised $500,000 he required to open his very first store and start his business. Two years later, Starbucks sold its retail unit to Schultz, and hence he became worth over $2.9 billion at present. 


4. Oprah Winfrey:

This powerful woman that we know today is a talk show host, campaigner, writer, Golden Globe winner, and the global icon was born in poverty in Mississippi and was raised in the inner-city of Milwaukee. But after her troubled childhood, she landed a job in radio when she was in school. By 19, she was also a co-anchor for the local evening news.


And soon after, she became a host of a daytime talk show and launched her own production company. By 32 years of age, she was a millionaire. And by 2000, she had a net worth of $800 million, making her the richest Afro American in the 20th century. She believes that we all have a soul purpose, and when we align our personality with that purpose, we can be nothing but successful. 


5. Do Won Chang:

His fashion chain, namely Forever 21, is certainly a well-known name. Before launching this retail empire, in 1984, he worked as a janitor on a gas station and in a coffee shop when he initially moved to America from South Korea. His first store opened along with his wide was 900 square feet in LA.


This shop was called Fashion 21, and customers came from the Korean American community mainly. But then they expanded and changed the name to Forever 21. He suggests everyone never forget where they came from 


These were some of the successful entrepreneurs that have led lived to set examples of how success can start from nothing. An entrepreneur that started from nothing can give us the ideal examples of how to fight for success.