Top 5 Ways To Market Your Business Top 5 Ways To Market Your Business 

Following is the best way to advertise your business:

  1. Socialize on social media

According to research, around two-thirds of American teenagers use social media now. This is around a tenfolds increase in the last decade. Different popular social media channels include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Snapchat.


These social media platforms are unique in their ways and need a unique kind of engagement on each. Rather than trying to master all of them at once, you should pick a few and then try mastering them first. 


  2. Go, guerilla:

Guerilla marketing seems to leverage creativity, originality, and imagination in place of a huge budget. Smarter small businesses that have a limited budget mostly use guerilla marketing to compete with the bigger companies. There isn't any shortage of these creative guerilla marketing ideas.


Here are a few examples that you can bring the use of:


  1. If you have a brick and mortar location, you can pay someone to create eye-catching art using chalk

2. If you sell a product that may be used on the street, use undercover agents to directly promote your product to potential customers. For example, Electronics mega-giant Sony hired people to ask strangers to take their pictures and then rave about their Sony camera. 

3.  You can also hire a flash mob to garner crowd attention and then promote awareness of your brand this way. 


  1. Create valuable content:

Not only do the potential customers love having great content, but Google does so as well. There are many ways to let information reach others, including blogging, hosting podcasts, creating videos, designing infographics, or submitting articles to different online authority sites.


Not only do you get authority being an expert, but you also have free traffic. You may also offer to write as a guest blogger for another complementary website or get interviewed on the podcast. You don't always require to produce content all by yourself. You may hire freelance writers, personal assistants, and graphic designers through different websites like Upwork.     


  1. Contests and giveaways:

Everyone loves having free gifts. And you can use this desire of people or audience you have to boost your own business. These things shouldn't be expensive, and they have to be fun little things that your business can giveaway easily.


Things that include online ebooks, checklists, white papers, etc., don't cost you anything but your time. You may also promote your products using Facebook groups. These are some of the ways to market your business that always work.

  1. Piggybank your partners:

When running a small business with a limited marketing budget, it makes total sense that you need to partner with other businesses. These may include suppliers, manufacturers, and vendors. You win both together when businesses succeed but there adds up credibility when another business starts recommending you.

So business promotion these days isn't as hard as it used to be in the past. You only have to be dedicated enough not to let any hurdle stop you from trying. There were the ways to advertise that work differently for different businesses but these ways to market your business work.